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Inboard vs. SeaDoo 230 Wake

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  • Inboard vs. SeaDoo 230 Wake

    SeaDoo has a 230 wake edition boat that has 510 hp. Has anyone ever surfed or wake boarded behind one? I like the idea of not having a prop down with the wood in the water where I am at and not having to winterize it. Another selling point is having two engines in case I lose one and no one is around to tow me in. It comes with 3 ballast, perfect pass, and the other additions I was looking for in an inboard. Another selling point is that I can get one for not that much more than a used inboard. I was looking at one this week and I really like it, just want to make sure i will be happy with it for a long time to come.
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    Re: Inboard vs. SeaDoo 230 Wake

    You can surf behind it on a big fast board like an Inland Surfer Red, but the wake is basically a bad surfing wake.
    The problem is the jets mess up the shape and power of the wake, and with two of them they are spraying the jet onto the wake face. That makes the wakeboard wake not as solid also. They are very nice boats but if you main interest is the wake they are not really close to a good inboard. Think of the wake edition as a way of marketing the boat rather than making the boat for wake activities.


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      Re: Inboard vs. SeaDoo 230 Wake

      as mentioned above, the jet drives really churn up the water and make it messy. the physics of jet drives make them less adept at creating smooth clean wakes. you can wakeboard behind pretty much anything and you could probably surf behind the seadoo, but it will never match the wake of an inboard designed for water sports. also, i'm not sure what you've been told, but pretty much all boats require winterization of some sort. i've owned an I/O, outboard, inboard and jet drive vessels and they all needed some winterization. the outboard by far requires the least.
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        Re: Inboard vs. SeaDoo 230 Wake

        the new 4 stroke BRP motors are nothing like the old 2 stroke rotax motors, so the idea of not needing to winterize it....forget about it. you could get away with that with the rotax's, but do that to the new ones, and you might as well pony up about 10 grand to buy 2 new ones in the spring.


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