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Homemade wakeboard boat

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  • Homemade wakeboard boat

    So unfortunately the time has come for me to get rid of my big, old 18' runabout. I really want to build myself a wakeboard boat. I am thinking something small that will carry 3 people. I am looking at this plan: Do you think something like this could work for wakeboarding? I just want to build something as small as possible, for 3 people.

    Thanks for the input,

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    Re: Homemade wakeboard boat

    There are a few difficulties with that design as a wakeboard boat. First, there is not a lot of room to store a couple of wakeboards and second, it's going to get pulled a bit when the boarder cuts hard. The biggest problem, however, is that it's small and light with a low freeboard. A good wakeboard boat needs to displace a lot of water to give you a rampy wake for launching off. If you were to add 500# of ballast and a couple people in the boat it would be sitting pretty low in the water. The hull depth is 27". My draft is 26" inches without any ballast and I can tell you that I have a lot more than 1" sticking out of the water.
    It looks fun but I'd say it is a little boat that you could pull a wakeboarder on, but not a hull for wanting to wakeboard behind.


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      Re: Homemade wakeboard boat

      Yeah, I know what your talking about. I'm not looking for a huge wake or anything. Just something to do some minor wake boarding behind and some wake skating. I am mostly concerned about it tipping over or being pulled by the wakeboarder.
      I was thinking I could add a pylon, probably a 4' one, just enough to get the rope on an upward angle. I'm not really concerned about storing the boards either. Guess I should have said all this in my first post.