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Big guy wakeboarding

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  • Big guy wakeboarding

    Hey guys. So I'm 6 4 and 300lb. I've never tried to wake board until the other day. I didn't have much trouble getting up but still haven't mastered turning the board and putting the rope to my lead hip, it was late in the day and it was time to go home.
    Anyways I was with a friend and he has a 140 board. I read that I probably need a 145+ but there is a lot of conflicting info. I have a stash of lake junk and have 2 boards, a BFA 145 and some gator board that's a 132. I've never tried to ride either, but I'm gonna!
    My questions are is either worth using?
    Neither has fins, do I need a rear fin?
    The BFA has these sandle style boots, are they safe or do they need upgraded?

    Keep in mind I won't be doing any flips anytime soon, probably never. I'd just like to be able to cut up some. Maybe a summer goal would be to jump the wake by the time it gets cold.

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    I may try to put the boots off the gator board on the BFA since it's bigger. But I'll let y'all tell me what you think is the best option.


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      id use the BFA as it is longer and should support you a bit better. certainly not the 132, that is hardly a kids size board imo. try to strap into the BFA and see if you can get them tight enough to at least use them without boots. i cant tell from the photos if you could do it or not.

      if you cant, it will be time to look for some other bindings and go from there.



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        I would buy a new board/bindings for about $300. Your board is pretty outdated. I've checked Craigslist but it's usally people asking $200 for 10 year old board/binding combo.


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          Sign up today
          I ride a 144 hyperlyte and im 6'2" 250ibs. Its the perfect size. Check amazon in the off season, you can find great deals for last years boards.