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Gator trailer bearing seals

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  • Gator trailer bearing seals


    I just rebuilt the hubs on my Gator trailer. I put all new races and bearings in and repacked them. the previous owner had National seals part number 6283, and I am not sure these are the correct seals. When i pulled the hubs off both sides the seals stayed on the spindle and the inner bearings stayed the spindle as well. I used a wooden mallet to remove the seals and inner bearings. I went to my local NAPA guy and he crosse the National seals to an SKF seal that looked similar but the geometry was different. It appears these seals are tight on the spindle and seal on the hub? I have never seen a set up like this before - is this correct? If not does anyone know the correct seal part number? Unfortunately the year of this trailer is unknown but I believe it is from the 60s.

    thanks in advance for any info,

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    Re: Gator trailer bearing seals

    HUH? Getting back to bearings.

    Bearing seals and other bearing parts are essentially generic items, and there are not really very many sizes for most axles.

    Your seals will work just fine, despite differing parts numbers from different manufacturers.


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      Re: Gator trailer bearing seals

      I just did this on my '68 Gator trailer. I bought it and the Whaler 13 on it in OH and towed it to PA....just past Columbus the wheel start wobbling...someone had forgotten the washer. Long story short, I ended up redoing bearings/seals/races. If your trailer is like mine, there is
      an a seal race that slides over the axle. On some trailers the seal turns on the axle itself, my old gator has a race for the seal. When we took
      the wheel/hub off my bearing/seal remained as well.


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        Re: Gator trailer bearing seals

        Thanks for the reply. I am not sure what you mean about a race for the seal. I have it together currently with an SKF 16245 seal which is tight in the hub and spins on the spindle. It seems to be sealed but these seals seem too thin. I am actually surprised I do not see leakage from them. I also went to NAPA and gave them the National p/n on the seals that were in the trailer when I got it and they crossed that National # 6283 to a SKF 16266 which look like they are designed to be tight on the spindle and spin in the hub. Maybe I have an old seal race in the hub but I did not notice it. I have never seen a design where the seal is fixed to the spindle and spins in the hub. This seems like a well built trailer. I guess since it has survived 60+ years that is something to be said. Maybe I can get it to last 60 more years. Do you know what manufacturer part number seal you used? Thanks for the info.


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          Re: Gator trailer bearing seals

          Here are some picutures:




          My PA title has a VIN of 1180 and the year is blank, it would be nice to know the year. Thanks.


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