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Trailers with tall & thin vs short & wide tires

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  • Trailers with tall & thin vs short & wide tires

    Clearly all new trailers and all recent late model boat trailers have tires/wheels that are narrowish and tall. Many older boat trailers and currently utility trailers (ex: snowmobile trailer) have tires/wheels that are relatively wide, but short. Is there any significant advantage to one over the other? I am asking because I may buy a project boat that had a trailer in good shape except for the wheels/axle and they are the wide/short kind.Thanks,Dan

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    Re: Trailers with tall & thin vs short & wide tires

    Basically,... It comes down the the Max Gross Weight Rating printed on the sidewall of the tire.............The Short Fat 1s just turn Faster to get you there,.... It could be argued that is harder on the wheel bearings I suppose.........Usually it has More to do with Lowering the load platform.......
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      Re: Trailers with tall & thin vs short & wide tires

      Hey I have 20.5x8 10ply tires on my tandem axle trailer.I like the short fat tires,because I can get in skiny water with out getting truck in the waterwhere people with tall skinny tires wind up with the tow vechile in the water.ken
      '74 MFG gypsy
      '95 F150 4X4


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        Re: Trailers with tall & thin vs short & wide tires

        What ken says is the only reason I know of for having short fat tires. It's all about "float on trailers". If you had a tilt trailer it wouldn't matter.


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          Re: Trailers with tall & thin vs short & wide tires

          There is another factor related to the "short-fat" vs "tall-skinny" discussion. A larger diameter tire/wheel combo tows easier since there is less rolling resistance. There are obvious load limits on smaller tires so with boats getting bigger and heavier over the years, tires with higher load capacities are more common.


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            Re: Trailers with tall & thin vs short & wide tires

            For information on trailer tires, click this link: http://www.championtrailers.com/tire_art.html Essentially, type "ST" (special trailer) tires are recommended. These are typically "narrowish and tall". Trailer tires are meant to roll easily with minimal rolling resistance and minimum sway. Short "fat" tires will have a higher rolling resistance and will tend to heat because of their faster rotation and greater contact with the pavement.Obviously, any tires selected for a boat trailer must have the load capacity for the loaded weight of the trailer.

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