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Towing with a Ford Escape

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  • Towing with a Ford Escape

    Hello,I think I'm ok here but I just want to get an idea from people who know better than I do.I'm looking at towing a 1962 Boston Whaler Nauset with my Ford Escape with 4WD and the factory tow package. I think it's rated for 300 LBS tounge weight and hauling 3,500 LBS.Will it be safe? Will I need any brakes on the trailer?Thanks!Josh

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    Re: Towing with a Ford Escape

    ?? How much does the boat,motor, trailer, fuel, and gear weigh. And remember that your tow weight includes the weight of the passengers and gear in your Escape.What year is your Escape??VA law says you need brakes if you tow more than 3000#, but I would sure want them if I towed more than 1500# with a light Escape.The 2005 Duratec 23 is rated for 1500#.The 2005 Duratec 30 is rated for 3500#, when properly equiped.For 2004 models:Max towing capacity, properly equippedZetec1000Duratec2000Duratec w/Towing Pkg.3500I would stop by a dealer and have them verify the tow limits, and have an oil and tranny cooler installed if you don't already have them.
    Medford, WI


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      Re: Towing with a Ford Escape

      I was heading up to the cottage on 400 highway, Guy passed me at about 130kph(80mph) towing a 23 foot Four Winns with a Ford Escape, with Ohio tags, I'm not saying thats O.K would have liked to have seen him trying to stop, anyway I think your Escape will handle your Whaler just fine if you have the correct tow package.


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        Re: Towing with a Ford Escape

        Howdy, JSFinn.Your Whaler package should weigh just under 2,000# ready for the road.If your Escape is the Duratec (V6) with towing package you should be okay.If you do not have the towing package you are too close to limit and could seriously harm your vehicle drive train.Good luck.


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          Re: Towing with a Ford Escape

          It is a Duratec V6 with the factory tow package which does include an oil/trans cooler.The current owner tows it with a little 4wd Suzuki Samurai with a 4 inch lift.Thanks, everyone.I've got another question about fenders, but I'll post that in a new thread so we don't get off topic.