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Trailer hitch height ???

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  • Trailer hitch height ???

    Hi guys. Does anyone know what the proper height of the hitch ball should be? What I mean is, is the trailer supposed to be level while hitched to the vehicle?? Or tilted down slightly, or tilted up and back ??? I have two different trucks to pull with, and one is about two inches lower than the other. Doesn't seem to handle any different with it on either truck.

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    Re: Trailer hitch height ???

    Ahoy, Minnow.Theoretically it ought to be level, but I doubt that a few inches matters.


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      Re: Trailer hitch height ???

      Level is the way to go. Many new trailers tell you the optium hitch ball height right on the trailer. Mine says 26" which seemed high, but was not. This is particularly important with trailers without springs with duel axles, and brakes...it will effect braking if angled. A couple of inches is not noticable as stated by JB.


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        Re: Trailer hitch height ???

        The theory that the trailer and tongue should be level with the road while towing is more important with the hydraulic surge brake set up. For example; when the tounge is connected to the tow vehicle the hitch hieght should be high or low enough so that the trailer rides level. If the tongue is too low then the trailer will apply pressure to the surge brakes towing on level ground. Then when you did need your trailer brakes, they would be much less effective from all the heat.If the tongue was too high then the bakes would not apply as quick or hard enough as a properly hitched trailer would. An inch or so either way is OK as the weight of the boat changes with full tanks vs. 1/2 or less etc, but we have all seen some boat trailers so riding so low in the front on the highway that I don't want them behind me in a panic stop.You can buy hitch recievers with the correct drop or lift to accomidate your needs at most automotive stores.


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          Re: Trailer hitch height ???

          Just remember guys the tounge should be level when fully loaded thats what air springs and torsion bars are for.