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EZ Loader Adjustable trailers

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  • EZ Loader Adjustable trailers

    How do the ďadjustableĒ trailers from EZ Loader adjust?

    They have some with length listed as for a boat of length:
    ď23-25/27Ē. Iím looking at one tomorrow and donít have a 26í boat but why donít they list as 23-27Ē?

    I have a 24í and am worried the trailer is too long. I wonít have boat to measure.

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    Longer trailers are easy to fix. I got a trailer for my old 16' Capri for $200. It came with the 18' junk boat on its back. I just modified it to fit by moving roller cross beams forward and cutting off the excess frame. I slid the roller brackets around on the cross beams until I got a good fit. EZ Loader trailers are pretty easy to adjust, so long as you have good penetrating oil!!
    1986 Bayliner 16' Capri, 90 hp Johnson (sold)
    1990 Chaparral 2000 SL Sport, 4.3L LX, Mercruiser Alpha I, Gen I

    Link to Chaparral restoration- http://forums.iboats.com/forum/boat-repair-and-restoration/boat-restoration-building-and-hull-repair/10286641-chaparral-2000-sl-sport-floor-and-more


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      Itís a bunk. I got a bad azz impact and pneumatic cut off. Just donít understand their listing and what they mean adjustable. Are bunks simply adjustable or the length?


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        i'm guessing it fits a boat, 23-25' long, and overall length of the trailer is 27'.

        adjustable likely means you can move the bunk brackets and winch post.

        some trailers have welded in place brackets.
        Medford, WI


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          On an EZLoader, there are several adjustments, Position of and height winch and winch stand, bow stop height and length, bunks height and width of spread, most trailer allow alternate positioning of the crossmember that the bunk supports are on. Axle location is adjustable. Longer and/or swing tongues are available. Regarding roller trailers, the aforementioned applies, plus various rollers are available and they too often offer adjustments in location
          The 25/27 usually means two different tongue lengths


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            I believe the EZ Loader custom trailers are made to a specific boat model and sold with new boats. Iím looking at one this week. Are the Custom line of trailers also fairly adjustable?


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              The customs are welded and are pretty much not adjustable, unless you cut and weld


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                Thanks. Exactly what I was wondering.