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hub bearings at different temps & losing grease

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  • hub bearings at different temps & losing grease

    So I just moved my trailer from Florida to North Carolina 850 miles. During the road trip I made sure to stop frequently to check the trailer & engine to make sure everything was tip top. I had just recently replaced the leaf springs & installed brand new tires with new galvanized rims in preparation for the long haul. I noticed that a little bit of bearing grease was leaking out onto the inside of the tire rim. I added some grease just to be safe about half way. Is this normal at high speeds and long distances? Also, I noticed that when I checked the hubs one was just above ambient temp where as the other was much warmer to the touch. Not hot but very warm.

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    Originally posted by jackrabbit66 View Post
    I noticed that a little bit of bearing grease was leaking out onto the inside of the tire rim. I added some grease just to be safe about half way. Is this normal at high speeds and long distances?
    No......grease is not a consumable.....if your seals and sealing surfaces are in good shape, grease should not be leaking and there should be no need to add more.


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      It's possible to blow that inside seal out with an over application of grease and some bearing buddy set ups. If it's leaking grease, it's going to leak water when submerged. That hub needs to come off and checked over closely to see what's going on there for sure.

      Regarding the difference in running temps, one side vs. the other, on a longer trip like that driven on a hot sunny day, it's not real unusual to have the side in the sun run noticeably warmer from the sun beating down on it.


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        Grease should not be coming out. You have a seal problem. Also if one side is a little warmer than the other that probably is not a problem. As long as the hub isn't hot. The side that was warmer, was the sun shining on that side? That can make one side warmer. Are you testing it by touch or with an infrared temp device.
        You drove that trailer 850 miles with for the most part no problems other than a minor grease leak. I'd say you are in good shape. But if you like, for piece of mind dissemble the hubs, inspect, and repack along with new seals.


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          I would check the hub, bearings and seal.
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            Remove one of your hubs and take it to Northern Tool and buy a couple of exact replacements(about $100) all greased with bearings and seals .... put them on and ready to roll....


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              how many axles? Was the leaking hub the warmer one? You should jack up the trailer and check for bearing free-play, you don't have to remove anything, you only need to see if you can move the wheel on the spindle SLIGHTLY. In most cases you can pull back and forth and get a slight 'clunk' each direction as the bearings bottom in the races. You NEED this free play. If you don't have it, the bearings will run hot, and worst case, the grease goes over the melting point and will find its way out onto the street.
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                Was the warmer hub one with brakes?
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