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Boat Trailer swing tongue

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  • Boat Trailer swing tongue

    This is how we build a swing tongue:

    Level straight down from end of boat winch post so swing away parts dont extend past the plane of the winch/post assembly when completed.

    Cut tongue with either saw zall or angle grinder with cut off blade making sure to remove wiring or hold to 1 side while cutting We use 4x 3/16" 6"x6" steel plates cut to shape to match tongue width on the narrow end Then clamp all 4 together and drill 4x 5/8" holes as shown,

    Add 2x 3/16" shim plates to off set the hinges so 1 side fits over the other side of the hinge pieces, and weld the 2 shim plates on either side top and bottom of tongue rear end of tongue Then weld 2 of the hinges pieces over top of the shim plates, weld the other hinge pieces to front end of tongue.

    Clamp the front hinge pieces to the front part of the tongue together first and test fit the front and rear hinges together and check the swing. Then weld the front tongue plates in place. Use 1x 5/8" x 6 inch bolt, and 1x 5/8" removable pin, you can put the bolt and pin on either side depending on which way you want the tongue to swing.

    On this one we used stainless steel metal plates and stainless washers on the bolt.
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