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Novice to towables

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  • Novice to towables

    Just wondering if i could pull one tuber using the transom tie downs as i do not have a single attachment like ski boats and dont want to install a tripod. What would be the best way to attach the cords to the tiedowns if i am able to use them for a tuber. The tuber would not wiegh more than about 175lbs

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    Your tied owns are more then likely submerged but if you can then it is possible also if you use the tie downs you may want to look into purchasing a self centering harness
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      If you have solid reinforced tie down eyes they are better than a ski pylon for pulling tubes. You will definitely need a self centering harness with float.


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        Old topic RCO, its been nearly a year, and a lot of boating season since the OP asked this question.

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