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How long for fogging oil to "burn off" after winterization?

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  • How long for fogging oil to "burn off" after winterization?

    I've just started one of the sea doo's after I winterized it last year and it's smoking pretty heavily. Last year I sprayed fogging oil into the carb until the sea doo smoked pretty heavily. I then took out the spark plugs, sprayed fogging oil in them then turned the engine over a few times. So, my question is, how long should the billowing white smoke take to burn off? The ski's are 2002 Sea Doo GTI LE's with the 717 rotax engines. Thanks

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    Re: How long for fogging oil to "burn off" after winterization?

    I would think a few minutes...

    I have seen some Major bursts of white cloud coming from some motors that were fogged with Fogging oil ( not spray but pour in oil ) that lasted for 3-5 mins witch looked like the boat was on fire LOL..

    As we didnt fog your motor..its hard to tell..did you fog untill the engine cut out ?

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      Re: How long for fogging oil to "burn off" after winterization?

      it should burn off within a couple minutes
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        Re: How long for fogging oil to "burn off" after winterization?

        I fogged until a bunch of white, billowy smoke started coming out the exhaust. I couldn't kill the motor with fogging oil for whatever reason. Next I took out each spark plug and sprayed fogging oil in there then turned the engine over for a second or two without starting it.

        The problem I'm having is that the ski's are on dry land and I obviously don't want to run them more than 20-30 seconds without a water supply. To solve this, could I take off the water supply hose like I did when winterizing, use the hose that I used to put antifreeze into the block but pour in a steady supply of water instead? I obviously don't want to burn up the ski's. I've heard of somehow doing this but haven't seen any of the "contraptions" used.

        By the way, the fogging oil did burn off the 1st ski in about 2 minutes. I'm going after the second ski today!


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          Re: How long for fogging oil to "burn off" after winterization?

          I have a GSX RFI, sitting on the trailer, and I use a electric pump in a bucket full of antifreeze, which pumps antifreeze into the engine, this purpose is only to remove or mix with the water in the cooling system so that no rust will create or water freeze, while this is going on I fog the carb, sometimes it shuts of on it own, where as times, it keeps going, as long as there is smoke coming out, it means its mixing in the carb and working its way around. I have never fogged the plugs, cause in the spring that oil will take longer to burn and gunk up your plugs.
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