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Waveraider 1100 starter removal problems

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  • Waveraider 1100 starter removal problems

    I was trying to remove the starter to replace it (which of course is an adventure in itself because you cant see it). Anyway after I got the bolts out I wacked it to free it up from where it engages from the engine and it finally fell free, however the front of the starter broke off in the engine. At this point I guess I'm going to have to pull the engine to extract the rest of the starter from the engine. Anyone have any experience with getting this broken part out?

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    Re: Waveraider 1100 starter removal problems

    I'm not familiar with that engine - but you may be able to remove the flywheel cover, flywheel and bendix and tap out the broken piece from the front side without removing the engine.


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      Re: Waveraider 1100 starter removal problems

      I had the same thing happen, 1100 Waventure. I was able to extract the broken starter collar from the engine without pulling the engine, however it was with a fair degree of difficulty.

      Use a penetrating oil liberally on that area and let soak overnight. I used a large bolt, where the head would fit into the opening of the starter. At the other end, using a very large washer, I bolted two nuts tightly against the washer, and used a hammer to hit the washer. So you have basically made a tool along the lines of a dent puller, but the trick here is to use the head of the bolt to catch the inside of the broken collar. It took me a few days to get it, I had to keep soaking w/ penetrating oil but I was eventually able to hammer it out of the block. Hope this helps, it was not an easy task. (I believe the bolt I used was about 6" long.)


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        Re: Waveraider 1100 starter removal problems

        Hello; Mike here. I have a 96 Waveraider 1100. The starter went bad, and I am replacing it with a new one. I got the old starter removed with no problem, but cannot get the new starter to go in. I cleaned and lubed the hole on the engine, and have greased the O rings on the starter, but cannot get it to go in. It's goes in until the point where the gear would engage the gear in the engine, and then no further. I even greased the gear on the starter, and it still will not go in. It is not the O ring as it is allready in the hole. Is there a trick to installing the starter? Any tips? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks. Mike.