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Removing Mildew from Jet Ski

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  • Removing Mildew from Jet Ski

    I have to store my jet ski outside unfortunately so I bought a custom cover for it and I then cover that with a tarp. So I thought everything would be cool but then today I removed the tarp and my cover from the ski and there are about a million black dots from mildew. I need to know what kind of cleaner would work the best for cleaning my seat and basically everything on my ski. I know some brands contain bleach and might harm my paint or some surfaces so I want to stay away from those if I can. Somebody please help. Thanks

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    Re: Removing Mildew from Jet Ski

    just straight clorox bleach, won't hurt the paint or the vinyl I use it all the time.
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      Re: Removing Mildew from Jet Ski

      Is that clorox bleach with colorguard haha or what. How do you apply it?


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        Re: Removing Mildew from Jet Ski

        Head to Walmart and pick up some "Scrub-free" foaming stain and mildew remover. Works wonders. Spray it on, let it sit a few minutes and viola, stains are gone. Rinse and your done. Best thing I have ever found. I clean my toon with it every year and then some. Just make sure you rinse it real well with water afterward.. It has a mild bleach in it, but never hurt anything on my boat over the years... $2.00 a bottle...

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