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95' Yamaha RA700 Waveraider Coil Test

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  • 95' Yamaha RA700 Waveraider Coil Test

    My 1995 Yamaha RA700 Waveraider Waverunner lost spark last weekend. OK....22 years old and believe its the Coil (part # 62E 64x 62T) after a friend tested things with a MultiMeter.

    I located a replacement coil on Ebay through a reputable seller for 1/4 of what Yamaha wanted for new, and when it arrived I am just believing that there should be a test that can be performed to verify Replacement is better than original as Waverunner 2 hours away and won't get back to it for a few weeks yet. I look at several Youtube videos but none are of a Waverunner Coil. Primary reads the same on both coils but I don't know how to test the secondary on these like what was done in the videos.

    I have one (1) Black wire and one(1) Orange wire on one end of Coil and Cables to both spark plugs on the other side. I believe I have a second wire as this is a watercraft coil and Coil housing plastic unlike what I'm seeing in video's.........How do you test secondary on this Coil as I get nothing on either coil regardless what Ohm setting I use with MultimMeter?