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50 hp Mercury prop question

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  • 50 hp Mercury prop question

    I bought a Carolina Skiff J14 with a 50 hp Mercury. Took it out this weekend and need info about prop size. I'm not sure of the year model, but the serial number on the motor is OB159248 "Classic Fifty" on the side. The front of the motor cover has "45 Power Trim" on it. The prop is a Quicksilver 48 76232 A5 15P. No Tach so I can't track RPM's. The problem is that it is REALLY hard to get up on plane.Once up it scoots along pretty good. More than 2 people and it will NOT plane off. Motor just boggs.
    I'm trying to find out if changing props is the answer and if so, what size/pitch to go with. The measurment from center of prop shaft to bottom of keel plate is 7".
    Any help, directions to web site.... would be appreciated.