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Broken Skeg.... Help!

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  • Broken Skeg.... Help!

    I have attached a picture of my skeg on my 90hp evinrude. What should I do? Replace it? Get it welded? Buy a skeg guard? If so, which one? Or just leave it?

    I have found skeg guards online, but don't know how they are attached. Any help or advice would be appreciated. Thanks!
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    Re: Broken Skeg.... Help!

    Best bet is to take it to a reputable shop that can get it back to original shape and function. A skeg guard would probably be less expensive, but won't look as good. IMO
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      Re: Broken Skeg.... Help!

      Looks like just the tip is broke off...Problably wont see much of a handeling differance like that at all. just looks bad to me

      Alot of people will tell you just put on a skeg gaurd. Its the cheepest fastest way to repair that. I however am anal about my skeg. I just bought a cruiser last November with a chunk that looked like someone took a bite out of the skeg. I had to have it fixed.

      With as much skeg you have left they can reweld it up and re shape it to factory without too much trouble. I once busted my skeg completly off and had it redone. When it was fixed you coulnt tell the differance from factory to repair and when they repair yours it will be as good as new if you decide to do it.


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        Re: Broken Skeg.... Help!

        Any estimate what the weld would cost?


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          Re: Broken Skeg.... Help!

          I just broke mine. Mind you it was because of my own stupidity, and being a new boat owner.
          I am assuming that I have to remove the bottom end, and it's a time consuming and somewhat expensive remove/replace procedure to accomplish a proper fix. (gaskets, fluids). Some places want the lower unit dismantled. With a hot TIG weld, I am tempted to agree that is how it has to be done.

          For now I think I am going skeg guard of some type.

          I don't have any issues with a great looking "stock" type skeg. It is below the water line and I don't think it will be my last broken skeg. Plus some replacements are painted or powdercoated to match the factory color.

          I say $100 and a half hour of my time beats the welded on procedure....


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            Re: Broken Skeg.... Help!

            To fix that busted tip you DONT have to pull the guts out of the lower unit. Infact my machanic that fixed my sked on my BRAVO I did it completely with the drive on the boat.

            If the guts need to be pulled it will cost more Im sure but to do a repair like that your problably looking at 100~150 bucks tops.

            Complete skeg replacements are around 200.00


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              Re: Broken Skeg.... Help!

              I just tossed a skeg guard on mine when I bought it as the skeg looked about the same as what yours does. Mine is actually a nice shiny chrome skeg guard and I get compliments on it when I go out as people think it's some sort of aftermarket add-on haha.


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                Re: Broken Skeg.... Help!

                Blackfin Skeg
                Item# ********* Price
                87651 $79.99
                Size L - In stock M - In stock S - In stock


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                The most vulnerable part of your lower unit is the skeg. It often ends up damaged, requiring repair or replacement. Now, the revolutionary Blackfin provides a breakthrough in skeg protection, repair, or replacement. Blackfin is made of a rugged, nylon composite, and it's easily installed, saving the time and expense of a trip to the marine shop. Unlike typical skegs, Blackfin offers performance enhancing features that provide better handling, quicker plane times, and more steering control. Comes with all you need for a do-it-yourself application, including special marine adhesive and complete instruction. Sizes are determined by your lower unit gear housing measurement: S (10-1/2" to 11-1/2"), M (12-1/2" to 14-1/2"), L (15-1/2" and larger). Exception: Mercruiser Alpha One measures medium but requires small instead. I just order this for mine but it hasn't come in yet
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                  Re: Broken Skeg.... Help!

                  I installed a Blackfin on my outdrive this weekend. It was very easy to do. Only took about 45 min. Then the recommended 24-72hrs for the adhesive to set, so plan for a couple of days before you hit the water.

                  One thing, the instructions tell you to use a finger to smooth out the adhesive. I would recommend rubber gloves or a popsicle stick. That adhesive is sticky! Had to use lots and lots of Goop ( http://www.goophandcleaner.com/ ) to get it off my hands. Regular soap wouldn't touch this stuff.

                  I'll see how it affects my handling next weekend. In the meantime, here are some pics.
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                    Re: Broken Skeg.... Help!

                    There are replacement skeg guards that are made from ABS, composite materials, and stainless steel. They can range from weld on to adhesive to bolt (screws) on. It all depends on how much you want to spend and what you want the finished product to look like. Plan on a minimum of $100 and possibly up to $300 for a complete repair. Check the internet for purchasing repairs.
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                      Re: Broken Skeg.... Help!

                      I just put on my Skeggard. Extremely easy; just tap on lightly, drill, attach screws finger tight to make sure they seat against the metal of Skeggard, remove screws to add Loctite, reinstall screws and tighten. Wait at least 24 hours for it to set up and you are done. Took me all of 1/2 hour, and that is only because I really took my time to make sure I drilled the holes straight. I haven't had it in the water yet, but it looks great. Stackz is right. It does look like an aftermarket upgrade (for those who don't know that it was used to cover my little mishap).
                      I can send photos if you want.
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                        Re: Broken Skeg.... Help!

                        My 2 pennies....
                        That tiny little bit you broke off isn't going to make any difference what so ever, I would leave it alone unless you are terribly worried about how it looks or you have alot of extra money.

                        At most take a file and put a nice edge on the broken part.
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