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Triton LTS 22-need prop help

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  • Triton LTS 22-need prop help

    morning all, I have a question regarding the above boat with a 225 honda. Currently have a rapture 14.25x17 prop, pushes 5800 @47 wot. Looking for a bit more performance and handling. I have heard a million different things but nothing I can be secure about. Boat is about 2300 lbs plus 600 motor, usually run full tank, 2 people and gear. Anyone have a suggestion which prop to run? Any help is greatly appreciated in advance. Thanks all.

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    Re: Triton LTS 22-need prop help

    The LTS...is that a multi-species rig???


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      Re: Triton LTS 22-need prop help

      [quote time1151820319= userwalleyehed= uid26896= fid40= tid= rid1= The LTSis... that a multi-species- rig???[/quote]

      Morning, I guess you can call it that as well but it is listed as a bay boat. I use it on the flats, bay and good days when 23 seas are 2-3 foot or less, out in the ocean. I have also used it Okeechobee on lake Ocheechobee


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        Re: Triton LTS 22-need prop help

        well, I spoke with Jeff over in powertech. He recommended a ofs 15.25x15 4 blade for the triton. Anyone else have any ideas or care to confirm or debate that size prop for this boat. Do not be shy now. Thanks all.8)


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          Re: Triton LTS 22-need prop help

          Powertech has some good, flats style props, and I don't really see any red flags with what he recommends...and he'll stick with ya on that prop and work it until you get what you want.