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which prop(new to me used boat)

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  • which prop(new to me used boat)

    1) Performance issue you are trying to correct. (wot rpm with current prop is to high)
    2) Current prop manufacturer, model, aluminum or stainless as a minimum. (stainless,elite series high five mercury) 3) Current prop diameter and pitch (required). (19)

    4) Wide open throttle RPM and speed with an average load (very helpful) (5200,52mph)
    5) Engine/drive make, model, year, and HP (mercruiser mcm 5.7 efi 350cid 1999 260 hp)
    6) Boat make model, year, length and weight (cobalt 233 23' 3880 lbs)

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    What is the WOT rpm range for you engine? Gear ratio?
    Do you want a prop for cruising, for water sports?


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      -WOT rpm range =4400-4800
      -prop for cruising
      -Gear ratio (1.47R)
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