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Pontoon Drain plug

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  • Pontoon Drain plug

    Hi great site. I have found lots of info. I just purchased a pontoon boat. It has three plugs on the top of each tube. I am thinking that there is three chambers on each side hence the three plugs. My question is the plug are plastic and they have a hole in the center about a 1/8" should they have this hole. Can I plug up the holes or are they required? I was thinking about putting a tire valve into each plug then adding 2psi to each chamber is this a good idea?


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    Re: Pontoon Drain plug

    Pretty sure the holes in the center of the valves are for releasing pressure caused by temperature and atmospheric changes, but while I'm not positive that's the reason I am positive they're supposed to be there. The holes where the plugs live are for pressure testing the toons for leaks which brings me to my next point; the only reason to add air to the toons is to pressure test them for leaks. So, the thing to do is leave the plugs alone. Welcome aboard. How bout some deets and pics?
    Better to have it and not need it than to need it and not have it.
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      Re: Pontoon Drain plug

      Thank you for the reply.
      I have had several differing opinions in regards to the holes on the plugs. This is the reason for the post, I thought ask people who actually own pontoon boats. Some have said they are there for pressure release. While others have said that moisture will accumulate in the tubes from condensation due to moist air transferring in and out of the tubes or from water splashing.
      I do want to make something up to pressure test the tube chambers this is why initially I was going to put valves in the plugs in the top of the tube chambers. A friend had suggested leaving the valves along with 1.5 to 2 psi of air he has done this; he said that this stiffens the metal plus if there are any holes you will see bubbles in the water and or you will see the air pressure drop off.

      But as you have said the holes must be there for a reason!