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Pontoon Boating time again.

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  • Pontoon Boating time again.

    Hello everyone,
    Yeap, I paid a visit to my mom that lives on the lake and told myself today that I am ready to wipe the fall/winter dust of my pontoon boat and get the motor cranked, after winter, the first time this year. I might crank her up in the driveway and make sure she is running ok but, boy, being at my mom's house today and seeing there boat tied up to the dock is making me ready to take the pontoon boat for it's first maiden voyage of the year.

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    Re: Pontoon Boating time again.

    Its hard to resist isnt it . I put mine on the slip all most 4 weeks ago and its been great .
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      Re: Pontoon Boating time again.

      Yeah, I have yet to crank the outboard up this year but plan on doing that this weekend to make sure she is running ok. Have been charging the battery up on a 2 amp charge since last weekend and it is fully charged up according to my battery charger so all I have to do is reinstall my battery and get the water hooked up to the lower leg unit and start her up hope for the best. She ran GREAT!!! last year so I am thinking she will run Great!! again this year as well. Looking forward to getting her on the water soon. Today it is only supposed to be in the 60's and lows around 34 tonight so a little bit chilli for me but supposed to warm up a little bit each passing day.