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Quality of a Landau Pontoon

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  • Quality of a Landau Pontoon

    We'll be replacing our boat soon and have a friend needing to unload a 2010 Landau Tri Atlantis Signature 2700 Cruise w/ a 250 hp that he just bought. It looks like a great boat and we really like the size of the motor, 25' length, and many other things about it, but we just don't know alot about what the general opinion is on Landau pontoon boats. How do they compare with other pontoon boats? We're replacing a Tracker, which we know are considered a low end pontoon boat although we have absolutely loved ours. We're just at a totally different place financially now and can afford to get much bigger, nicer, tri, large motor, etc. but want to do our homework first. Any help and opinions about the good and bad of Landau or a link where I can read more about them would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!!!!

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    Re: Quality of a Landau Pontoon

    There were a couple of older Landau boats in our previous boat club. They appeared to me to be entry level boats. I've owned two Trackers, so if you were happy with yours, I would not hesitate to get the Landau if the price is right. Just remember that it is now a buyers market and used boats are available for rock bottom prices.


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      Re: Quality of a Landau Pontoon

      I used NADA.com for values and JD Power for reviews. The combination worked well for me.

      Good luck.


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        Re: Quality of a Landau Pontoon

        Very good...thanks for offering what you know. I'll start by checking out those websites first, Southern. And, yeah, no matter what we get it will be used so there will for sure be a lot of wheelin and dealin. Just the way it is right now, sadly for those selling (which will be us too.) Thx!


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          Re: Quality of a Landau Pontoon

          Landau has been around for over 30 years. Located in the heart of the aluminum boat capitol of the world, Lebanon, Mo., they have access to a work force used to working with aluminum. It's been a loooong time since I have been through the plant, so I can't speak as to quality anymore.

          Look through their web site for more info - http://www.landauboats.com/index.php
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            Re: Quality of a Landau Pontoon

            Go on the web and type in Pontoon boat tests, you will get many hits of tests and they may have one for your boat.


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              Re: Quality of a Landau Pontoon

              We just bought a 97 Landau Bandit 20'. So, it's 13 years old. We bought it with a rebuild in mind and are almost done. We were delighted with the condition of the boat. The decking did NOT need replaced. The carpet was still in good condition, but very faded, so we replaced it. The original vinyl on the furniture was in good condition except for the dark red portions, which heated up more than the light color vinyl. Since the red parts were cracked we reupholstered all of it. The fencing is in great shape and needed no repair. The decals on the fencing are holding tight with no fading. All the hardware to hold the fencing on, attaching the deck to the frame, and everything else is stainless steel.

              So, for the cost and work involved with new carpet and reupholstering the furniture, I've got a 13 year old boat that is as good as the day it left the factory, and I have no doubt I'll get another 13 years out of it - maybe longer since I'll keep it covered.

              Oh, and the Suzuki motor that came with it seems to be in just as good a shape. I'm pleased with the quality of this Landau, and it has stood the test of 13 years so far.