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Wiring diagram Lowe pontoon boat

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  • Wiring diagram Lowe pontoon boat

    New to the forum and I need help. I needed to rewire the wiring for the anchor and nav lights on my pontoon. All were working fine until a butt splice came loose on the anchor light wire. I ran a new wire to where it plugs in to a connecting joint. I have continuity from the light to the end of that wire and from the connecting joint to the switch on the panel. Yet when plugged in, neither anchor nor nav lights work. All fuses seem to be fine. Any ideas on what I'm doing wrong?

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    Re: Wiring diagram Lowe pontoon boat

    Where's the second wire? All lights need a ground as well. I'd be surprised if they used the mount for the ground return, but it's possible. Instead of checking continuity, check voltage.

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      Re: Wiring diagram Lowe pontoon boat

      The stern light simply connects to the output of the Nav side of the switch. I would do as Jeepman says and check the voltage at the common side of the Nav/Anc first. No voltage here means a fuse blown or bad wire.

      With the switch on Nav or Anc, you should have voltage to the stern light wire. A diode connects from the Nav side to Anc to send voltage to the stern light anytime the switch is on Nav or Anc but only to the stern light when in Anc position.

      I don't think you have a ground problem because two separate ground wires leave the console. One going to the Nav lights and one to Stern light.

      I'm betting you have a blown fuse or a loose connection to the switch. Check the fuse with a meter because a visual check will sometimes fool you.

      Good luck