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Pontoon Max Motor Size

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  • Pontoon Max Motor Size

    I've been toying around with my pontoon, a 50-hp two-stroke Mercury, and have hit 21 mph (GPS) out of it with just myself and son onboard. I've tried a few other things to squeak and creak another mph out of it, but it's just not going to happen. Now--21 mph certainly isn';t bad for a 24-foot pontoon with this motor, but I'm realizing I want more. If I load up the 'toon with 6 or 8 adults and pull a towable with two kids behind it, I'll be lucky to hit 14 mph... that just isn't enough.

    Sooooo.... My pontoon is a 2002 Smokercraft (Bentley by name, but made by Smokercraft--it's an 824 model). The boat is in immaculate condition--it looks brand new in almost every way. I hate to go to the trouble of putting it up for sale, meeting people to show the boat and take them out, etc., but if that's my best option, I guess I'll do it.

    Anyway, the sticker on the captains console says "12 person/1800 lb max with 50 hp, 12 person/2200 pound max with 90 hp". Does this mean the max HP my boat can take is a 90 hp engine? Is there any way to get this number increased to 115, etc., with a few modifications? (I guess what I'm asking is how do they rate this? I have a friend who has a 150 hp 'toon, and the engine mount on the transom is no larger and/or thicker than mine. I assume it's more a function of bracing underneath so the boat can hold together in rougher waters at the higher speeds generated by more HP?).

    My ultimate goal would be to--well, but a Manitou X-Plode--but in the meantime I would be thrilled with a top speed of 30-35 mph, with a min of 25 mph with 6-8 adults and a tube being pulled behind. Could this even be achieved by a 115? Or am I looking at more like 150 hp?

    Any input would be greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Pontoon Max Motor Size

    I can appreciate what you are saying. I'm afraid I'll always be looking for more speed too. I have a 21' Sun Tracker with a 90 hp 2 cycle. I GPS'ed at 29 mph (sales info says it will hit more). Empty and smooth water I'd prob hit a little over 30. My buddy has a 24 with a 150. He says he can't hit 30 WOT.

    Personally, I'd be reluctant to exceed the weight on the back. There is more to it than weight (vibration, stresses, etc). I'm not an expert, but know there's a whole lotta shakin going on back there.

    I'd love to hear an engineering reason why you can't exceed the max hp. With my 90 hp (max hp for the boat), looking at the water lines out of the water, the front of the toons are not in the water by much.

    Hope I get over the need for speed.


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      Re: Pontoon Max Motor Size

      Don't know where you heard your Bently was a Smoker but I am pretty sure that isn't right, it is a Bently.

      I don't understand the rating plate, very odd but if it says 90 it is 90 and anything you do to raise that rating puts you in a bad position, if your mods fail and the motor comes loose and someone gets hurt you could be sued.
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        Re: Pontoon Max Motor Size

        Nope--it's a Smokercraft. On the side of the boat it says "Manufactured by Smokercraft exclusively for Pontoon Depot". And it has the Smokercraft steering wheel logo. Also--in 2002 (the year on the title) Bentley doesn't have a Model 824, which is on the side of the boat. Smokercraft did make a model 824. Weird, huh?


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          Re: Pontoon Max Motor Size

          You could always buy a 90hp outboard for the pontoon and slap that 50hp on a small 15' boat for a little speed. I've seen small fiberglass and aluminum boats in good condition sell for less than $1000 because they had a bad engine.


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            Re: Pontoon Max Motor Size

            I talked with my insurance agent and a rep at DNR and both said that if you exceed the max rated HP for your boat you are just asking for trouble..They said that even if I was at idle and an accident occured, the other partys lawyer would have a field day with you and your over powered boat AND YOUR INSURANCE MIGHT NOT PAY IF YOU ARE OVER POWERED..Also there is a lot of engineering stuff that I don't understand about the HP rating of a boat...which keeps it safe for you and others....

            KEEP IT FUN...KEEP IT SAFE!


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              Re: Pontoon Max Motor Size

              I would stay with what is posted on the boat too. I have a lowe/sea nymph odd thing the boat id is lowe & the playpen name is sea nymph 2 different co's any way it's 24' and I have a 90 hp, the boat tags say it will take a 115hp. But I would not want toons to be too low in the water. best of luck


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                Re: Pontoon Max Motor Size

                what kind of 90 do you have Toonah...if it is an older 2 stroke motor the 90 block and the 115 block are the same so same motor weight. a 90 and 115 Johnson or Evinrude weight around 335 LBS. it goes up when you pass the 115

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