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Adding a toilet in a pontoon

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  • Adding a toilet in a pontoon

    I'm not sure if I posted in the right area, but I want to add a toilet to a pontoon and make it appear as "stock" as I can. I placed the post in the "boat building and restoration" forum, but wanted to place a link to the post here in case anyone could help me.


    I just want to be sure this is something I can do prior to purchasing the boat. Thanks!

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    Re: Adding a toilet in a pontoon

    Small chemical toilets fit in the pop-up changing room. There is really no way to plumb in a holding tank or flush type toilet on a pontoon. I have seen several pontoon boats new in dealerships with the little chemical toilets in the pop-up change room thingy. I only ever knew one person with one on their 'toon. His rule was, whoever uses it, cleans it. It was never used once.


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      Re: Adding a toilet in a pontoon

      Depending on the size of your lake a porta-potty can be a lifesaver or a total waste of space.

      On my lake I'm no more than ten minutes from a toilet. I never even took the porta-potty out of the box it came in. Now it's taking up space in the garage instead of on the boat.
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      Yamaha 175 HPDI VMAX


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        Re: Adding a toilet in a pontoon

        Thanks for the input. I just wanted to make sure it was possible.

        I'm not really sure how necessary a port-a-potty would be if we didn't have two young children, but since we do it's almost a necessity if we plan to explore the lake much at all. I guess once I have purchased the pontoon (assuming we buy one without one), I'll be able to better figure out a location to place it. Again--it was just my intent to install it completely out of sight in the changing area.


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          Re: Adding a toilet in a pontoon

          There is no installation with a porta potty. You take it out of the box and put it in the changing area. Empty it and clean it when you get back home or at the dock. As mentioned there is not place to install a holding tank to a regular marine toilet is out of the question unless you install everthing above the deck. But then the kids would need a step stool to get on the potty. Save yourself a lot of work. Use a porta potty.


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            Re: Adding a toilet in a pontoon

            I use my toon for scuba diving,having a toilet is a must. I keep it in the pop up changing room- not a problem. more important was the hot water shower..


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              Re: Adding a toilet in a pontoon

              Originally posted by JonathanEngr View Post
              I'm not really sure how necessary a port-a-potty would be if we didn't have two young children, but since we do it's almost a necessity .
              I have 3 small grandkids I have one for. It is a time saver. Our first trip with our pontoon I made 4 trips to the bathrooms for them. It is quite an ordeal to pull anchors and make the trip. It is well worth the little bit of trouble to empty them. I just deal with it is my thought. It is not all that bad to clean them up.


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                Re: Adding a toilet in a pontoon

                I'm one who considers a porta-potti a 'must have' item in a boat. We often cruise with lots of beer drinking, mixed-sex passengers in waters that don't have a lot of bathroom facilities.

                My last two pontoons prior my current one, was the Party Hut and Party Cruiser which had built in heads.

                When I down sized last year I quickly discovered that the wife would have no part of a porta-potti in a changing room. So I built in the back as shown in this post: http://forums.iboats.com/showthread.php?t=305826

                By the way, you do not need to empty the porta-potti after each outing. Put the chemicals in them and then empty when it gets full. We sometimes go two or three months between dumps and never have objectional smells.


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                  Re: Adding a toilet in a pontoon

                  Here is a pic of my changing room on a 08 Suntracker Fishing Barge 21.
                  There was a bench where the porta potty now sits. (The bench is under the potty to raise it an inch or two)
                  The Visa Potty 268 sits snug and is easy to remove. It's sturdy enough to be used as a bench itself.

                  It's only used by the ladies and does not need to be emptied frequently. No problem with smells etc.

                  I've been very happy with this solution.