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Pontoon Bunk Glides

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  • Pontoon Bunk Glides

    I have seen the new bunk glides that cover the entire top & sides for 2X6 bunks & go from end to the other. I've also been looking for the same product to cover 2X4 bunks without any success. Does anyone know of any maunufacturer who has them available?

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    Re: Pontoon Bunk Glides

    These may be what you're after Les.


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      Re: Pontoon Bunk Glides

      Thanks for the link rick. I just got off the phone with the people & was very impressed with the gentleman I talked as well as "shell shocked" with the price.

      He explained to me it would take 96 feet of his product to do my pontoon trailer (24 feet long times 4 = 96) & the cost would be over $700.00 to cover my bunks which are 2X4s. WOW!! He told me unless I had a $150,000.00 pontoon boat it would not be worth the money & I had to agree.

      They have a great product that will last for years but for that amount of money it is just not in my budget at this time. But thanks for the information you sent me.


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        Re: Pontoon Bunk Glides

        You may want to check with this guy....he makes many different sizes and i have some on my trailer.great product and was much less expensive than anywhere else.

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          Re: Pontoon Bunk Glides

          what you want are called poly Bunk Skids, that are the black plastic that look like carpet, a local trailer maunf sells them for about $ 115 with the 2X6 lumber in lengths of 20' they are described as FLAT P/T BUNK & BUNK SKIDS (2 PIECE BUNK)

          20 foot of bunk should accommodate a 24 foot boat...I have a 22 footer with only 18 foot of bunks


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            Re: Pontoon Bunk Glides

            Thanks for the bunk glide information guys. The new trailer I just bought does not have the glides on them as the mfg. doesn't use them on their trailers to keep the cost down. Mine will have 2X4 bunks with carpet but I will change them out to 2X6s with the glides on them myself. The salesman said he could get them put on for me for an additional $325.00. I told him I didn't think so. I can do it myself for a lot less then that figure.