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Adding an upper deck to a pontoon....

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  • Adding an upper deck to a pontoon....

    does anyone have any information on how to do this...i.e., somewhere that sells a kit, a plan, anything?

    has anyone done this?

    i have a 20ft. pontoon w/a johnson 70hp....



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    Re: Adding an upper deck to a pontoon....

    I've seen it done but it was on a much larger pontoon. While length shouldn't make a great deal of difference, you would be raising the CG (center of gravity) by approximately 6 feet and increasing the weight significantly which decreases the load capacity of the boat. If as few as two people stood by the rail on the upper deck and you took a wake from the opposite side, that boat could easily capsize. It would also depend on where the people below were seated or standing. I personally feel that this is not a safe modification. And the manufacturers must also or it would be an option on lots of smaller 'toons.


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      Re: Adding an upper deck to a pontoon....

      you have 2 options

      1.) get a much bigger pontoon boat

      2.) take a big chance that it will capsize.


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        Re: Adding an upper deck to a pontoon....

        We do top decks all the time at work but as stated they are all bigger boats and they are all 25'' tri tubes.

        Never seen a kit, probably too much liability for anyone to make one.

        Agree with the others, you get one too many people on top and over she goes.
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          Re: Adding an upper deck to a pontoon....

          You could try this place:


          Or try a google search for other options. There a lot of boats around here with upper decks. People who say you raise the COG 6' don't know what they are talking about. All the weight of toon is in the toons, the fuel tanks, and the motor. these are not prone to rollover, and with all of the decked toons around here (there are dozens if not hundreds) I have never heard of a rollover and I my firend in the FWC has never heard of a local rollover.

          The things to be aware of here are the local regulations regarding the operation of a boat with an upper deck. I think that the upper deck cannot be occupied while underway, and the weight distribution of the boat is that same with any boat in that the captain is responcible for the boat, the passengers and the load, so use your head or the water cops can ticket you for wreckless operation.

          Have fun with your build! Last weekend we saw a 20' toon with a nice upper deck and a slide for the kiddies. The slide used a bilge pump to pump water to the top of the slide. That kept the children busy all afternoon, while two of the mothers sun bathed on the top.


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            Re: Adding an upper deck to a pontoon....


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              Re: Adding an upper deck to a pontoon....

              I better not let my wife see this because if she does I will have a new project.
              Improvise, Adapt, Modify, and Overcome.


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                Re: Adding an upper deck to a pontoon....

                Now that's what I'm talkin' about !!!!!!!!!
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