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Motor mount mod advice - HF360

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  • Motor mount mod advice - HF360

    Hi all,

    New to the forum, seems like the only place I can go to get help with this.

    I picked up a 45# Minn Kota Traxxis earlier this week to replace my old Shakespeare Wondertroll 606. I tested the Traxxis out on a 12' aluminum, and when I hit top speed the motor gave quite a kick and lifted the bow up a little bit. Mind, it was only myself in the boat with a deep cycle battery - not the usual two persons and gear.

    My concern is that of the Sevylor motor mount. Not only is the Traxxis double the weight of my antique Shakespeare, but the second speed on the Traxxis is faster than the top speed on the Wondertroll. Has anyone done, or know of, a fairly simple way to reinforce the mount and rods? I found this while browsing, however I'm the kind of person that would need an instruction booklet in front of me for this sort of thing.


    Any help is greatly appreciated!

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    Re: Motor mount mod advice - HF360

    I dont have pic of my new one that I made at the end of this summer. You can look at some pic I have up on here under dobbs571 my new one I used the factory mount but added bracing to it closer to the back of the raft I have a Mini Kota 46# motor and it dose push the back in quite a bit at full power all summer I just added a little more air whitch is not a good thing to do but you know how that gose LOL when I get a chance to take a pic of it I will post it I think the tubes that the motor mount are made from would be better off made from 5/8 rod bent the same as the factory ones wouldnt give as mouch I may make some this summer they are just over 5/8 out side I think they are mectric size.


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      Re: Motor mount mod advice - HF360

      I went ahead and took some pic of my seat and motor mount brace .one ploblem is there is nothing to hold the rods from the mount and when streched out allmost 4ft a lot of flex .So what I did was build a new seat afriend was pitching an office chair I looked at it it was the same exat color as the raft (how lucky is that) and I had a cradle from an old power plant that I used part of bilt a box to hold my pump and parts I may need patchs ect. I an going to bolt the front of the seat down to the wood floor with plywood nuts because they are flush and go under the floor the wing bolts will be cut to rigt lenth.and my batery box I made will fit perfet under my new seat if have any questren ask the tubes you see on the seat are the factory one I think a solid rod of 5/8 would be even better
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        Re: Motor mount mod advice - HF360

        You can bolster the mount if you want to, but it's not necessary. The factory mount on the HF360 is plenty strong to handle any trolling motor.
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          Re: Motor mount mod advice - HF360

          I had a 30 lbs trolling motor on my hf360 all summer i'm planning on getting a 50 lbs for next summer but i dont think its going to be a problem