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Zodiac Inflatable S.131

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  • Zodiac Inflatable S.131

    Ok, to start off, this boat really hasnt been used in 16 years with a motor, just paddling around a lake for a couple days on vacation one or two years.

    we recently bought a motor for it, and after patching the boat, fixing it all up and taking it out for a little scoot, upon packing it up, i noticed that on the back two floorboards (the ones thats are braced by two metal corner pieces for reinforcement, i assume to take the push of the motor) the edge that fits into this metal part, on both floorboards, is bent at a fairly extreme angle.

    are these floorboards safe to use, assuming not, should i buy marine grade plywood and make my own, or is there somewhere i can order them.


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    Re: Zodiac Inflatable S.131

    I would makeup my own floorboard ......


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      Re: Zodiac Inflatable S.131

      i have approx 20 days (10 that i can use to work on it) before i want to use the boat, i was looking to see if anyone could link me to where i can order the floorboards.



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        Re: Zodiac Inflatable S.131

        Any Zodiac dealer.
        My answers are like Zen...It may not be the answer you want, but it is generally the answer you need.

        The 3 Rules:

        1) Look in your service manual first...Then ask me if it is correct.
        2) Understand that your desire to repair your engine does not mean that you have the ability to do so.
        3) If you are confused, take your engine into a dealer..Then let them be confused...At least, in theory, they sent someone to outboard 101.


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          Re: Zodiac Inflatable S.131

          Some people make new ones out of this polymer "lumber" which is the same stuff that many cutting boards are made of these days. The two big brands I've seen are King Starboard and Taco.



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            Re: Zodiac Inflatable S.131

            I think i had the same problem with my Zodiac. I wasn't sure how to put the floor boards in the first time i took it out and put the two floor boards with the 'flaps' next to each other at the rear against the transom, with the flaps being the only part of the floor boards slotted into the aluminium runners. = ERROR! The flaps ended up bending badly. I realised that the flaps sit outside of the aluminium runner and the straight edges of 3 boards slot into the aluminium. I thought i was going to hacve to make new boards, but after using it iin the correct way, the boards knd of bent back and now all is ok.

            Hope you read this in time...