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Newbie - Excursion 5 pressure ?? 10 cm???

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  • Newbie - Excursion 5 pressure ?? 10 cm???

    Hi all, I am new with inflatables. I am confused when inflating my Intex Excursion 5. When I inflate to the 10cm mark according to the ruler that came with the boat, the raft still feels underinflated. I have been monitoring the raft with different temperatures. ( in the water, under the sun, etc) but it seems to me that still needs air. Should I pump more in? – I just don’t want to bust it. – Thank you

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    Welcome to Iboats,

    If that's the max pressure, don't inflate pass it. Sib's fabric adjacent to Seam could rupture and Sib have a premature Waterloo Time.. Those inflatables are made with shower curtain like unsupported fabric.

    Happy Boating
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      Thank you Sea Rider. The raft feels ok for an inflatable, it is definitely not a Dinghy. It will mostly be used as a floating dock to go out with my 2 kids to fish, play, and dive. I will be building the floor I have seen people put together for these, and I also have to figure out an easy ladder for us to get back on once we have dived into the water. Part of my question was precisely because of that. It seems to me that if anyone tries to climb back up from the water, the tubes would give in a little too much, even when they are inflated at the 10 cm mark. Does anyone in the forum have an Intex Excursion 5 (or similar) that could share experience with the inflation range? ** Thank you,
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