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Max Capacity Plate

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  • Max Capacity Plate

    Hello, I'm new to boating well more or less owning a boat an I recently purchased a 1976 Reinell Tri-Hull an the boat does not have a maximum capacity plate an I've looked all over the internet an cannot seam to locate the maximum capacity, number of people or motor size. My boat doesn't have a motor yet so I'd like to know what I can put on there.
    I have a Hull # from rear starboard side it is as follows.

    I've looked on this website an I can't seem to find it, I'm assuming the "T1500" is the model an in 1976 their is no such model, however on 1975 their is.

    Any help would be appreciated, I'd really hate to overpower an/or overload he boat.

    Thank You!

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    Is it a 15'? If so a 50-70HP would be good.
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      I think its a 1977 boat, built in June, possibly of 1976, for sale as a 1977 model, sort of like cars....

      The 77K should be the year (1977) and month (K stands for June) indentifiers.

      Dont hold me to it, but I'd guess T1500 stands for Trihull (T) and 15ftr (1500)

      Ez is probably right, 50-70hp sounds like a good motor for a 15ft TriHull and a 70hp Johnson triple would be outstanding.

      4people, maybe 5, at 150lbs each, gives ya @600-750lbs of people max.

      If you have 2 fishing buddies, and you're all @ 250lbs, then just 3ppl.

      Max people capacity is either #ppl OR weight, which ever maxes out 1st.
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