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Best of Georgian Bay

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  • Best of Georgian Bay

    My husband and I are doing the Trent this summer and also Georgian Bay. What places/things do you think are "You don't want to miss this".

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    Have spent a lot of time cruising in the Northern part of Georgian Bay, from Kilarney to Drummond Island. Much of it is fairly well protected. Whalesback area is pretty nice too!


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      Are there places to anchor near Whalesback, or is more a day trip kind of place?


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        LOTS of places to anchor! No big cities anywhere nearby, so most anchorages you'll have to yourself. I haven't been up there in 20 years, so hate to provide much in the way of specifics for you. I can tell you 2 things. I was in complete awe the first time I sailed the area, and returned many times afterward. Second, many consider this area to be a world class cruising area. That was the reason I sought it out to start with. Read about it and couldn't resist trailering our 26' boat to Detour Island on the far West end to check it out.

        Last, because this place is so, well, neat, there's a ton of info written about it. Check out a google search on "North Channel Georgian Bay" and related.

        Note that you'll want to have charts with you. Some of the passages will have you passing mountain size rocks that are barely submerged. Not difficult to navigate, just be aware!


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          You won't live long enuff to visit all the good places.--Top of the list are --Killbear park /-Henry's Fish restaurant on Frying Pan Island / Bustard Islands ,/ Covered Portage / The pool / 30,000 island inside passage way -----Heck the list goes on and on.