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Dusky 1994 - 256 Hull Complete Rebuild

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  • Dusky 1994 - 256 Hull Complete Rebuild

    Dear Sirs
    I am re-building my 256 cc dusky. The hull is from 1994. Unfortunately all the wood got termites including the stringers. Since I am rebuilding the boat I will like to know if you could help me with some information. Or if you could guide me in the process

    • What Material do you recommend for the stringers? I was advice to use NIDA CORE. I just don’t want to use wood.
    • I was also told to strengthen the hull by making a second set of stringers or using transversal bulkhead. What do you recommend?
    • Any other advice I could use will be greatly appreciated

    The stringers have termites but they are still hard, are there any poison or product I can use to kill the termites inside the stringers?

    It is an old hull but I just like very much the ride and shape of the boat that is why I want to rebuild the boat. I will really appreciate your help by guiding me with the necessary information to make a good job with my boat.

    I will update with pictures for future references

    Best Regards
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