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  • Trim Tabs

    Guys, heard about this thing automatic trim tabs... Is it worth installing on 1989 1750 Bayliner Capri OMC2.3 Cobra? Would I feel the difference? Does it increase the wake for skis or boards?

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    Re: Trim Tabs


    I think you are referring to "smart tabs". These are tabs that automatically decrease your plane out time, and give you better handling. There is a trolling tab version fishermen can use to decrease your speed for trolling. They cost @ $200 and from what other people have told me they are worth the money.

    I have a new boat (to me) and after playing around with it this summer I may install them on my boat (the trolling version) if I need better performance. As for greater wake, I have no idea if that changes with the tabs.

    Hope this helps.


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      Re: Trim Tabs

      You WILL feel the difference!

      The Tabs will Change the Wake depending on where they are installed and the shape of your hull.
      The Change could go either way, or both, at different speeds.
      Skiers want less wake, Boarders want more.

      Do you boat on a Lake or Open water? GTA=??? (Google Says; Grand Theft Auto?)
      Bill, Lorain Ohio


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        Re: Trim Tabs

        Do you boat on a Lake or Open water? GTA=???
        GTA =General Toronto Area I spend most of the time on lake Simcoe it is a fairly large lake and it does get very choppy sometimes...


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          Re: Trim Tabs

          Lol. GTA = Greater Toronto Area.
          Smart tabs will improve your boats handling - better control at low speeds and get you on plane faster. I don't think they will be good for boarding though as they will reduce the wake.
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            Re: Trim Tabs

            SmartTabs will flatten out the wake quite a bit. They don't eliminate wake, of course, but they do flatten the edges. Not a problem so much for novice wakeboarders, but not ideal for the more advanced folks.
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