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how to wire 12v/24v trolling motor??

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  • how to wire 12v/24v trolling motor??

    I have a 12v/24v troling motor, it is now hooked up to one battery, only two wires coming from motor, how do i hook it up to the second battery, so that when I change the switch to 24v on trolling motor, it will work faster??? thanks

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    Re: how to wire 12v/24v trolling motor??

    You can't hook it it up to only one battery and get 24 volts. You'll need two batteries to acheive 24 volts and you'll have to wire them together to get it.


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      Re: how to wire 12v/24v trolling motor??

      I know I got to connect the two battery's do I connect them + + and --?? thanks


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        Re: how to wire 12v/24v trolling motor??

        On my straight 24V motor, I connect + from battery 1 to + on TM, - from battry 1 to + on battery 2, and - from battery 2 to - on TM. This setup would not let you run at 12V without changing battery connections (i.e. you could hit 12/24 switch on the fly).BL...
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          Re: how to wire 12v/24v trolling motor??

          O.K. so you have two batteries and one trolling motor. How do you know if it is a 12v or 24v moter? Also in my case I now have three batteries, One for starting, one for accessories and one with my trolling motor. Should I connect the two batteries not related to starting in series for the 24 volts? Also how can I use the motor to charge all three batteries.What is the switch at the front of the boat in the trolling moter panel 12v charge/ 24v run?I have three wires coming off of the socket at the front and have to run the wires back to the engine compartmetn anyway. By the way the motor is a 85 Force and the trolling moter is an Autopilot from Minn-Kota.