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Running a Jet Boat on Land??

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  • Running a Jet Boat on Land??

    I recently bought a boat with a Berkeley Jet Drive. I have been working on the 454 big block and I will be ready to start it soon. I am used to I/O's where you can just hook up a hose to earmuffs to run the engine.I understand I have to get water flowing through the engine, but I think I also need water flowing through the jet so the impeller does not burn up. Am I correct?? Do they make an attachment. How much flow does it require? Would it be easier to disconnect the short drive shaft and feed water to the engine some how. Please help if you can.ThanksShawn

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    Re: Running a Jet Boat on Land??

    well, a jet ski has a hose bib attachment to run it on land. i can only assume a jet boat would have the same. can you find anything in the engine compartment?
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      Re: Running a Jet Boat on Land??

      No, I can not find any attachments in the engine compartment. Someone said to back it into a pond on the trailer and route the jet up in the air with an extension so the boat does not try to take off on me. But I would rather be able to start it in my back yard since I do not have a pond.


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        Re: Running a Jet Boat on Land??

        The jet ski I had, had the fitting on the outside of the hull, or I guess you would say on the transom area, should be like a garden hose connection. It was a female fitting so it looks kind of like a drain.Good luck.


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          Re: Running a Jet Boat on Land??

          Coworker of mine has a Berkeley pump on his boat. The jet pump itself supplies the water to the engine, there is no impeller. There is a hose that runs from the pump to the engine. He disconnects the hose and attaches a garden hose. Saw him do it on Friday. Don't know if this is a stock setup.
          Medford, WI


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            Re: Running a Jet Boat on Land??

            Roscoe, So it sounds like if I can tap into the line to feed the water to the engine, then I am all set?? It sound like the jet drive does not need water supplied to it? I was thinking that I might burn up a bearing in the pump if I didn't run water through it. If you get a chance, could you ask you Coworker about that? I would appreciate it greatly! Thanks!


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              Re: Running a Jet Boat on Land??

              The jet pump will have extra wear from running dry...it is not something you should do very often or very long. You cannot just hook a hose up to the jet, because to keep it wet you probably would need a fire hose or bigger.


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                Re: Running a Jet Boat on Land??

                If you are using this in fresh water and if it has no rubber impeller you can just start the engine up for two seconds and bring it to 3000 rpm for couple seconds to get the water out.
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