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Exhaust Fumes in Boat

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  • Exhaust Fumes in Boat

    I just bought a boat with an 1982 80hp Merc outboard and we were out on the weekend and the people in the back couldn't stand the fumes,burning there eyes. Is this normal when putting down the river. There is a hole that I believe was cut for better access to the bottom spark plug that we covered with a sticker but that shouldn't block any exhaust. Any ideas on how to fix this besides selling the boat. Thx

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    Re: Exhaust Fumes in Boat

    Are you using an onboard tank or are you using portable tanks?
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      Re: Exhaust Fumes in Boat

      Depends on how slow you're going, which direction the wind is blowing and what type of oil and the ratio you're using.
      Also, some people are just more "sensitive".
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        Re: Exhaust Fumes in Boat

        We are basically just in gear and putting and it is a big on board tank about 15-20 gallons I would say. Mixing it 50:1. Never had this problem with any other boat we have owned.


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          Re: Exhaust Fumes in Boat

          If the wind is behind you, it will blow the fumes over you. Try turning downwind or cross wind.

          The exhaust should exit thru the prop and thru the two square holes on the midsection. Any other place should not have exhaust exiting.


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            Re: Exhaust Fumes in Boat

            All 2 strokes smoke to some extent.

            A motor that is out of tune or running rich from carb issues will make things worse. Keeping the motor well tuned and running synthetic oil will help keep smoke to a minimum


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              Re: Exhaust Fumes in Boat

              1982: Ah, the smell of a smokey, older 2-stroker. Loved me a good carcinogen back in the day.

              By design, 2-strokers burn oil. If she is getting the right am't of oil, there isn't much to do beyond what dingbat suggests.
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                Re: Exhaust Fumes in Boat

                +2 on the change you mix oil and tuner up.
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                  Re: Exhaust Fumes in Boat

                  sit up in the bow.

                  I know of an incident on a boat about 26' with a cuddy and side curtains; they were trolling with the wind behind them and the area inside the covers filled with carbon monoxide.
                  People riding on swim platforms (which you shouldn't do) and tubes at low speed/short rope have had this problem, too
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