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Seal Large Seam in Aluminum Boat

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  • Seal Large Seam in Aluminum Boat

    I have a 1994 Alumacraft 17' boat. It has a 5/16" x 4'6" seam opening at the front of the boat. I have removed the old seam filler/sealer because it is leaking. Any suggestions as to what kind of filler/sealer I can use to fix the crack/leak?


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    Re: Seal Large Seam in Aluminum Boat

    Check home depot for a 3m 5200 caulking. Its marine grade and it good stuff. Be sure to clean the aluminum prior to application.


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      Re: Seal Large Seam in Aluminum Boat

      ^^^^yep !
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        Re: Seal Large Seam in Aluminum Boat

        Hit it with a green scotch-brite pad to clean and scuff the surfaces, give it a wipe down with alcohol or something similar, and use the 3M 5200 suggested above.

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          Re: Seal Large Seam in Aluminum Boat

          What caused the seam to open? Missing rivets?

          I have never seen a 5/16 gap in a hull seam without having some sort of damage or many missing rivets.
          Certainly not on an Alumacraft, and we've had several over 45 years old.
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            Re: Seal Large Seam in Aluminum Boat

            It sounds to me that you must be missing the connecting component, sometimes called a chine, sometimes called an "angle" but there must have been something there before.
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              Re: Seal Large Seam in Aluminum Boat

              Is there a part of the boat missing or are there a ton a loose rivets and how exactly did you remove the sealer????

              You really don't want to band aid this fix, if i am thinking of the correct part that is a huge part of the boat and sealer won't hold.

              Get up a pic if you can so we can have a better idea what you are talking about because that is very out of the ordinary.
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                Re: Seal Large Seam in Aluminum Boat

                Replace the rivets in that seam and then seal it. Just puting goop on it is a temporary fix.
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