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BEST WAY OF polishing a dull aluminum hull

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  • BEST WAY OF polishing a dull aluminum hull

    whats the best way to make this baby shine...im new to the boating thing, but lovin itClick image for larger version

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    Re: polishing a dull aluminum hull

    The problem is that aluminum gets oxidized like that to protect itself from the elements (thats a good thing). If you polish it to a shine, you will have to constantly keep up on it or it will go right back. I say clean it good and have fun with the boat!


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      Re: polishing a dull aluminum hull

      If i shine it up, would regular waxing keep it up, or is it just more trouble than its worth?


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        Re: polishing a dull aluminum hull

        lots of folks get and keep there boats shinny without too much effort. It's more likely to oxidize in saltwater of course, but otherwise it can hold a shine pretty good. You can get aluminum polishing kits from most autoparts/tool stores like Harbor Freight for $20 or so. They even make treatments you can "paint" the exterior of the hull with one you've got her polished like sharkhide.



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          Re: polishing a dull aluminum hull

          You can use aluminum brightener,


          It is commonly used to brighten aluminum truck trailers
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            Re: polishing a dull aluminum hull

            Or scuff it with a ScotchBrite pad for that satin-y look. Easier to keep that way, too.
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              Re: polishing a dull aluminum hull

              This stuff has got some good reviews.

              If you want to go the clean, polish and protect


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                Re: polishing a dull aluminum hull

                I was watching a show on aluminum and was very suprised to hear that polished aluminum is more reflective than a mirror, there are few things nicer looking than polished aluminum.

                The problem is it doesn't like to stay polished, especially on a boat that is in water and it is ALOT of work to do, imagine trying to polish around every rivet and crease on the boat and then make sure you want to do it because once you get going you almost have to finish and if there is a nick or scuff on the baot that will stick out really bad so yes, it is more trouble than it is worth but it looks so cool.

                I am fond of Mothers polish, we have used that on several show toons with a buffer, you will never get it by hand, once you are done I highly reccomend Shark Hyde to keep it shiny for a long time, wax won't work, it may delay it for awhile but the shark hide is good for years.

                Good luck and let us know what you decide to do.
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                  Re: polishing a dull aluminum hull

                  There is a product called Shark Hide that pontooners use, it is supposed to be fantastic. Google it and see what they have to say. Any pontoon forum will have many people on it that have used it.


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                    Re: polishing a dull aluminum hull

                    alum brightner isnt nothing other than acid, it will make it a chalky dull after a short period. most truck alum is polished with jewlers rouge red coarse, green is finishing. use buffer wheel etc. some spray commerical pure silicon clear to help keep the shine longer. after buffing out .but on a boat that isnt feasable. aluminum wadding in a can can be used by hand but it takes awhile, the more you rub it turns the aluminum black keep on rubbing and use terry cloth towels to wipe down and keep rubbing more on eventually will get a chrome shine. i used to pull bulk tankers, and after a while the atmosphere and the lime dust , different productg etc takes its toll so if you notice most that are washed and at times acid wash ( brightner) have the dull .. and no truck lines are going to spend $500.00 a trailer or more to keep em shiney lolo good luck