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Bluefin Superhawk

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  • Bluefin Superhawk

    I have a bluefin superhawk 16' with a 50hp force motor. The boat motor rating tag says that the boat can only have a 50 hp motor. It runs about 23- 25 mph depending on how it is loaded. I was wondering if there is a way to get the boat reclacified with a bit more motor? It seems like this boat should be able to handle much more motor then a 50hp. My Dad had the same hull only the inside was a bow rider instead of having the raised fishing platform and it had a 70 hp on it. My boat strggles to get on plane with 2 people in it. Other then that it is a great boat and takes really rough water good.
    Any info on this would be much appreciated,

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    Re: Bluefin Superhawk

    I have a 16' Starcraft SS...very similar to Blue Fins. Mine is rated for 85hp so I'm leaning towards thinking you would be fine up to 70hp at least.

    Got any pics of the boat?
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      Re: Bluefin Superhawk

      A 16' aluminum boat should be able to do better than 23-25 with a 50 on it. Perhaps you've got some waterlogged flotation foam under the deck? Spectrum Blue Fins weren't particularly well built and wouldn't be my first choice for overpowering.
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        Re: Bluefin Superhawk

        There is no legal way to reclassify the boat. However, after you eliminate problems with your current setup (waterlogged foam, wrong prop, etc.) a more modern 50 HP motor should have more power at the prop than that Force.
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          Re: Bluefin Superhawk

          I have a 16' Sea-Nymph with a 50, 2 casting decks 2 livewells ect, fairly heavy boat and it will run 27-29 gps so I am with Ezmobee, i don't think your engine is running right or you are carrying a bunch of wet foam or you are propped wrong.

          There are alot of threads on overpowering a hull search them and see all the argument but it is a bad idea that cna cost you you boat at best or someone getting hurt worse case.

          I would start with the engine and make sure it is running right.
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            Re: Bluefin Superhawk

            The reason i was asking about the motor tag, was i had a bluefin with the exact same hull but it was a bow rider instead of a fishing boat. We put them side by side, compared them and couldn't find anything different. That boat had a 70 on it. I would not remove the tag and put a bigger motor on unless there was someway to get approval to do so ( I also fish in bass tournaments and that would be instant disqualification if found out). I do not believe there is water log troubles- the boat has been stored inside. It was hardly used before i got it which was over 10 years ago. The speed has been consistant with it so maybe it is just the motor. My solution might be to sell it and get a bass boat :-D Thank you all for the info i appreciate it very much! I will post a pic of it soon Huron Angler.