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What Yr. is my SportCraft?

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  • What Yr. is my SportCraft?

    It is a 21ft. fiberglass V-hull, closed bow. The serial # is 10015 and the model # is 2071. Is it a 1971 and is it an Adventurer model? When did Sportcraft begin making boats? Are there any good references on this age SportCraft. Thanks!

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    Re: What Yr. is my SportCraft?

    I don't know any of the history of Sport Craft back that far, although there are a lot of early to mid 80's Sport Crafts around. I have a 1991 myself and plan to be burried in it. It has been a great boat and in fact I'm repowering it this winter and plan to get another twelve years out of it if I live long enough.The company, as you may know, is flat out of business now. This is not a reorginization, which they have already done at least 3 times in the last 6 years. This time they sold the molds and locked the doors. The company won't be reopening.As to your make and model year, go to the Coast Guard site and not only can you look up the company and its history but you can get the break down on the serial number and its meaning. I don't recall it all exactly but two of the digits denote the model year of the boat, two of them show the moth it came out of the mold and two of them note the month the boat's construction was completed. There should be a 3 letter code in the front, something like SRC I think, and that is the manufactur's code. If I remember correctly the last 4 digits are the actual serial number for that model year. Anyway, its all at the coast guard site. Do a search on "Hull Identification Number" and you'll find it. Then look around in the HIN Database for the company history, if they have it, they usually do.Thom


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      Re: What Yr. is my SportCraft?

      Try the link below Tiger....may help. http://www.boatsafe.com/links/mic_codes.htm
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