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Boston Whaler Menemsha top

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  • Boston Whaler Menemsha top


    I am new to the whole Whaler thing, but I am really loving getting into it, unfortunately, being new means I am going to have a lot of questions, but let me first say that I have browsed the forum many times and found lots of very good information.

    The first question I have is, the guy I am currently looking at buying a 1972 17ft Boston Whaler from has a Menemsha top at his house also. I am quite interested in buying this along with the boat and seeing if I can build around it to create somewhat of a hybrid Menemsha. Do you guys thing this is a possibility, and if so, how much should I expect to pay for this top? I will not be able to get to the place where it is located until Sunday at the earliest, so as of now I have no pictures, but I will try to get pictures uploaded after I get some taken. Everything appears to be there and in as good of shape as you would expect for fiberglass to be after sitting outside for 40 something years. The only thing the top is missing is one of the windshield glasses.

    Anyway, any advice or help you could give me on the value of this thing would be greatly appreciated. I guess if all else fails and it is out of my price range I could let him know about the site and maybe he could list it on here?

    Ok, the second questions is, does anyone know how to change your password? I somehow misspelled mine and I would like to get that fixed.

    Thank you for helping out the new guy.

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    Re: Boston Whaler Menemsha top

    When you say " build around it to create somewhat of a hybrid Menemsha",what do you mean? Do you mean to add onto it to create a sort of enclosed wheelhouse? If so, I wouldn't recommend adding any more superstructure to the boat. Boston Whalers have great initial stability, but you don't want to raise the center of gavity and add any more windage than is necessary to that flat shallow hull design.


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      Re: Boston Whaler Menemsha top

      Boston Whaler made boats built that way originally, and it was my understanding that this was basically an add on for an already produced Whaler at the time, is this not correct? If adding the top onto a boat that was not designed for it is a bad idea, then does anyone have any suggestions on the value of the cuddy and the best place to market this? It is my understanding that there were less than 250 made, and the last thing I want to do is destroy a piece of Boston Whaler history.


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        Re: Boston Whaler Menemsha top

        This is what I'm thinking of

        I don't know if they were an 'aftermarket' part that could be added, or if they were factory installed options. Can the original rubrail stay in place, of does it have to be removed/ modified etc. I see no problem with using/installing the top as designed. When you say "build around it to create somewhat of a hybrid Menemsha", do you mean that you would like to make it bigger? That is where I would be careful. as Boston Whaler designed it I think is fine. In my mind, not too attractive, but really pretty practical in cooler climates where you want to be able to duck in out of the weather.
        I suspect they were more of a 'factory installed' item, might not be so easy to add to an existing boat -but I don't know.


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          Re: Boston Whaler Menemsha top

          Yes, that is what I have. After reading a little more about it, I think I would like to sell the cabin top. Do you think there is anyone out there with a need for one? I guess my thing is, if someone has an original Menemsha that is in need of something off of this for restoration I would rather have it go to that than destroying two classics by adding it onto my non Menemsha. I actually live in South Texas and the idea was to have some shade in the summers as well as a place for the wife to stay dry, but I am now thinking that that would cut down on my fishing area tremendously.