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Is a Procraft 170 Combo a good boat?

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  • Is a Procraft 170 Combo a good boat?

    I'm shopping for a good used Fish and Ski. The whole package needs to weigh less than 2300 lbs. Are some manufacturers/years prefered or better than others? Is there a better fiberglass (with walk thru windshield) Fish and Ski boat?
    Thanks for the Advice!

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    Re: Is a Procraft 170 Combo a good boat?

    Well..... I am not a Procraft person. I had a bad experience with one in the late 90's and I will not even ride in one.

    There are many great F&S combo's out there. I would recommend an aluminum version to stay w/in you weight limit. There are many fiberglass ones too but the weight goes up.
    This is a great link to boat specifications http://boatspecs.iboats.com/
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      Re: Is a Procraft 170 Combo a good boat?

      I've owed a ProCraft 1780 V since 1987 (bought it new) Love it and never had a problem with it. What year model is the 170? The orginal ProCraft's were made in Tennesse....then sold out, and was made is Missouri if I'm not mistaken for a while.....now gone altogether.
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        Re: Is a Procraft 170 Combo a good boat?

        Actually , I'm just shopping and getting ideas right now. The size/shape/design of a 170 F&S really appeal's to me. I think I probably want an 01 or newer. The Aluminum idea is a good one. The Crestliner F&S is a great boat, but tall Gunwales (IMHO) for a fishing boat. I like to be closer to the water.
        I will test several boats soon, just needing some opinions from the experts here. Too bad there are not any Aluminum Shallow V F&S's out there. That would be perfect.


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          Re: Is a Procraft 170 Combo a good boat?

          Have you considered an aluminum deck boat? Ride would likely be a little rougher than a F&S, but you could get a bigger one and still be within your weight requirement. Most of them are equipped for fishing, lounging, and watersports.
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