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what kind of carpet adhesive to use?

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  • what kind of carpet adhesive to use?

    I'm replacing the carpet in my roundabout and was using the automotive carpet/trim adhesive but after the carpet got wet (areas already laid down and glued) it came loose

    what kind of waterproof carpet adhesive do most people use or should I just staple the carpet to the floor and use the adhesive on the sides where it wont really get wet?

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    Re: what kind of carpet adhesive to use?

    Most use contact cement or a quality spray glue. Look for one that is water resistant.
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      Re: what kind of carpet adhesive to use?

      contact cement like used on counter tops? just roll it on, let it flash, and lay down the carpet?


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        Re: what kind of carpet adhesive to use?

        I used the indoor outdoor adhesive sold at Home Depot and it worked just fine.
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          Re: what kind of carpet adhesive to use?

          yes.....use the right tool for the job.......indoor /out door carpet adhesive with the proper notched trowel for the appllication....

          however.....if you have gellcoated your deck......you can put an edging around your carpet perimeter and then use velcrow......you will have a home made snap in carpet
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            Re: what kind of carpet adhesive to use?

            I have redone a boat (Fishing boats) 1 a year for 11 years now and I found FlorCraft Premium adhesive the best. One boat was a neighbors 10 years ago, its yet just fine faded but glued.It sits out through the minnesota winters covered.I have now started useing DecoDot vinyl and I have mine done with the vinyl and same adhesive 3 years old and so far so good.


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              Re: what kind of carpet adhesive to use?

              USE a resporator with these cements PLEASE !!..dont be there alone either..( 35 dollar respo can save your life ).

              Nasty stuff man..

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