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bilge vs. livewell pump

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  • bilge vs. livewell pump

    I bought a 98 bass tracker and it has two pumps mounted to the transom in the bilge. Both are rule pumps round red white and blue ones. They look exactly the same except one says bilge and one says eithr livewell or aerator. I have found replacement for the bilge but not the other one. Where can i find one or can i use a bilge to do the same thing for the livewell.

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    Re: bilge vs. livewell pump

    The bilge is too pump water out of the hull the other is too pump water form outside the boat into your livewell.

    I believe this is what you are looking for http://www.iboats.com/Seasense-Thru-...view_id.484184
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      Re: bilge vs. livewell pump

      A bilge and live well pumps are two different type of pumps. For one, a bilge pump is not rated for continous use.

      Here are plenty

      A bit of advise, don't cheap out on a live well pump. They just don't hold up over time.
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        Re: bilge vs. livewell pump

        The bilge and live well pumps are the same in my boat. They have different fitting on the bottom to either pump from through hull or the bilge. The pump is actually removable from the housing for replacement and are interchangeable.


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          Re: bilge vs. livewell pump

          The different housing on the bottom is what makes one pump a "livewell pump" and other a "bilge pump". Only the "cartridge" is the same. The OP's pump may not have a replaceable cartridge so he is indeed looking for a "livewell" pump, not a bilge pump.


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            Re: bilge vs. livewell pump

            I say if they both look exactly the same it makes no difference.
            I am guessing the sign in the bilge is just to identify each pump.
            If they have a nam plate to tell the wattage and they are the same, go for it.
            If they have different GPH rating use the higher one as a bilge pump. you are more interested in getting water out of the boat, than keeping afish alive.


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              Re: bilge vs. livewell pump

              The difference between a bilge pump and livewell pump is obvious. Look at the base. A bilge pump has a slotted housing that sits on the bottom of the boat. If someone has repalced the bilge pump with a livewell pump then that was a mistake. Livewell pumps have a through hull fitting or a hose barb on the intake side and a hose barb or threaded fitting on the outlet side. Will they both pump water? Certainly. Should a livewell pump be used as a bilge pump? NO! Why? A livewell pump would suck up every bit of debris in the bilge and very likely stall in short order. The slots on a bilge pump a closer to the bottom of the boat and therefore will leave less water in the bilge and act as a filter of sorts so it will not be plugged by debris.

              Here is a bilge pump. Note the slotted base!


              A typical livewell pump:



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                Re: bilge vs. livewell pump

                My live well plump is screwed into a round piece with 4 screws and all connects to a flowrite and is the same shape and size as the rule bilge pump but says aerator pump. I have been unable to find any that look like this.


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                  Re: bilge vs. livewell pump

                  I repeat one more time -- you cannot use a bilge pump for a livewell or aerator pump. It doesn't matter what the printing on top of the motor says. The same motor (cartridge) can be used for both puimps. It is the base that differs. So disassemble the livewell/aerator and see if the two are the same. If not, replace the livewell aerator pump with a new pump that includes the base. There is very little difference in cost. The pictures I posted show a "livewell pump".