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96 Stratos - Fuses

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  • 96 Stratos - Fuses

    I just purchased a 1996 Stratos F/S 288...everything works great, but I can't seem to find the fuse box. Does it have one? It seems to have the old style, push a button to reset fuse.
    It also has different kind of terminals on the batteries (all 3), they look like fuses, and they show 20 amp - 50 amp on the sides. All of my positive leads bolt to these small square amp boxes, then to my battery leads, are these my fuses as well???? I can't find anything like them at any store....

    Thanks for any clarification on this....confused,

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    Re: 96 Stratos - Fuses

    You don't have fuses. You don't have old style fuses either. You have very modern circuit breakers just like your house. If a problem (a short) occurs in a circuit, the white button next to the switch pops out and you push it to reset it. Those breakers control ONLY that circuit. The breakers at the battery protect the main FEED to other circuits in the boat. If you can't find breakers you aren't looking very hard. *******, Bass Pro, and my gosh, iBoats (the sponsor or this forum) has them. See the BOAT PARTS & ACCESSORIES button at the top left of the page right under the iBOATS.COM logo?? Click that button, then search for "circuit breakers". But be aware that breakers don't need to be replaced if they are not broken. Check them with an ohm meter which you can buy at Lowes, Home Depot or any department store for about ten bucks.


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      Re: 96 Stratos - Fuses


      IM an idiot...i have been searching for FUSES....not breakers...what can I say, I know very little about boats.
      Any idea on why there different amperage? I have 2 trolling moter batteries and one has a 40 and the other a 50 amp....which one do i go with when replacing? My main battery that runs everything else, starting, etc. has a 20 amp breaker, and that one is the worst, it works but the covering is busted off.......They all look like there the originals, rusted, bent etc.....thats the reason i was looking to replace them.

      Thanks again


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        Re: 96 Stratos - Fuses

        It is safest to go with the minimum fuse rating that will work for the circuit, which includes wire gauge and it's rating. Higher then needed can cause some heat damage that may melt insulation or anneal the wiring.

        So if the 40 is working for you replace the 50 with another 40. 10 amps can cause a lot of damage. If for instance you only need 38 amps and for some reason are drawing 49 amps, 11 amps going to heat the circuit.
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          Re: 96 Stratos - Fuses

          Don't be so concerned with what the breakers look like. Breakers are breakers. 20 amps sounds right for the engine starting battery. The troller batteries might have two different sizes because the troller can operate on 12 volts or 24. When operating on 12 volts, the motor may require the 50 amp breaker. On 24 volts both the 50 and 40 on the other battery are needed. It all depends on what you have for a troller and what size wires it is wired with. Breakers come in many shapes and sizes. Don't worry about "appearance". Just get the same rating.


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            Re: 96 Stratos - Fuses

            Im a rookie at this boating stuff...and buying a boat with no manual makes it tuff to find these things out.....I appreciate your time and responses.

            THANKS AGAIN!


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              Re: 96 Stratos - Fuses

              I bought a 92 290fs and all the guages dont work. I know your pain.


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