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13 Ft Boston Whaler Bow Eye

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  • 13 Ft Boston Whaler Bow Eye

    Does anyone know have to repair the eye hook that pulls your boat up on the trailer? mine has movement side to side. It did not break off yet but I don't see hjow to repair Thanks for your help.

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    Re: 13 Ft Boston Whaler Bow Eye

    You will have to cut an access hole inside the boat over the location where the eye bolt is attached. If the surface is flat you can use an inspection port to give the hole a finished look.

    Plan on backing the eye bolt with a metal plate, 1/8" aluminum should work and can be shaped, to spread the stress, and use sealer to keep out the water.

    Have fun.
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      Re: 13 Ft Boston Whaler Bow Eye

      ^^^^^^^^Thats the right answer.^^^^^^^^^^^^
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        Re: 13 Ft Boston Whaler Bow Eye

        Is it not the same as the 16'? The 16' has a ring inside the bow storage area that acts as a nut for the bow eye, all you would have to do is put some sealant on it and tighten the ring nut down.


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          Re: 13 Ft Boston Whaler Bow Eye

          Thanks for replying I will look when I get home today. There is so much knowledge on this site. I love it.


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            Re: 13 Ft Boston Whaler Bow Eye

            my 1964 13' has a ring-shaped nut inside the hull, too.

            If it's moving sid eto side yo may be shipping water into the inner hull, so seal it asap.
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