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120HP Force Outboard Motor

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  • 120HP Force Outboard Motor

    Can you please tell me if a 1994 120 HP Force Outboard Motor is any good? I have not heared many good things about a Force! Is this motor made by Mercury? Or is made by Chrysler with Mercury's name on it? I know Mercury bought them out, but I don't know if they inproved the motor? I want to by a deck boat that has this motor on it, but I'm a little worried about the Force motor! Should I be? Thank you very much! Floyd

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    Re: 120HP Force Outboard Motor

    well, floyd force good motors for what you pay for em (cheap)......if it passes a compression test an you feed it good gas(92octane) an tc 3 oil it will live for awhile...........


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      Re: 120HP Force Outboard Motor

      i have had two force 120,s very powerfull motor , but you do have to put the good oil in ,and 90 octane gas or better, and i found out if you change the plugs twice in the summer it keeps running good.i don,t run full trottle ,i always back it off a little,that,s probably why i never had have problems.have a good day


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        Re: 120HP Force Outboard Motor

        Merc took over thier manufacturing,using Chrylser's tooling and stock.My little 50Hp runs great. Agree with others saying "good oil". They will go south in 1 season using cheap oil.They are a very unfriendly engine to the environment (which is one of the reasons they are no longer made).You will find it necessary to fog the engine once a season too.------------------I'm no expert, but I DID sleep at a Holiday Inn last night!
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