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Windshield re: Plexiglass (Acrylic) or Lexan

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  • Windshield re: Plexiglass (Acrylic) or Lexan

    Hi guys was curious if there is an easy way to tell if your boat windsheild is plexiglass or lexan, escpeially from a boat from the 70's.

    Also has anyone had any luck cleaning and polishing a windshield.

    Reason I ask is pricing out replacing and will not be the cheapest so hoping I can just clean up what I have for temp fix.

    (Will take some pics tonight to share. )

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    Re: Windshield re: Plexiglass (Acrylic) or Lexan

    70's were probably plexi but that's a guess. I replaced the windshield on my center console and I went to a local polymer company who work with both. They suggested acrylic and I'm glad they did. The material (in my case) is much stiffer and scratch resistant. My window was "smoked" and the color match they had was dead on. I had one curve at the top and they were able to copy it exactly. Only ran me $125 for everything.

    Cleaning and polishing? When cleaning I use LOTS of water and a very light touch. For removing scratched I found a new friend- the Meguirs (sp?) headlight restorer works great. I removed two small scuffs on the lower corner of the window before braving the middle area and the results were very good. Read the instructions and you'll do fine.



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      Re: Windshield re: Plexiglass (Acrylic) or Lexan

      Thanks ufm82...will make some calls to local glass dealers and get some prices on plexi (acrylic).

      Current windshileld is 1/4 thick and is made in two pieces that mate up in the center and are covered with aluminum. Thinking might be able to go down in size...what do you think?

      On my way to store to pick up some Meguire plastx and give it a go on a section which is covered up by frame....just looking to clean it up so looks nice then actually being able to see thru it 100%.....if that makes sense.


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        Re: Windshield re: Plexiglass (Acrylic) or Lexan

        Once you've cleared the windshield with the maguires, clean it from then on with plexus (found at most motorcycle shops). The plexus is anti static and leaves a dry coating that repells water. It will also remove tiny scratches; the kind that cause you to see spiderwebs in bright sunlight.


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          Re: Windshield re: Plexiglass (Acrylic) or Lexan

          Thanks...will be hitting the harley dealership to pick up some of that Plexus...see how it goes this weekend...will either be cursing or running to pick up some new Lexan..lol


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            Re: Windshield re: Plexiglass (Acrylic) or Lexan

            I have a '79 carribean that needs the windshield replaced. I't's an inverted windshield made of plexiglass. Can you tell me where you had your acrylic pieces made? I would appreciate any help.



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              Re: Windshield re: Plexiglass (Acrylic) or Lexan

              Goodthing to bring up. I had to make a windshield for my 1978 crusader jet boat. The original leaned forward and I designed mine to lean back. I used a plexi acrylic 1/4 inch thick.

              You might want to goggle Finneys, they're out of Arizona and make all kinds of windshieilds. They have all the molds for most 70's boats.


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                Re: Windshield re: Plexiglass (Acrylic) or Lexan

                I just picked up a Mother's 4Lites polishing kit. It's for headlight restoration and plastic windscreen resoration. Says it's also for polishing out scratches in helmet visors and plastic convertible top windows. $25. We'll see if it works!
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                  Re: Windshield re: Plexiglass (Acrylic) or Lexan

                  There is a product called Novus that also works very well. It comes in three parts: deep scratch, fine scratch and polish.