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1997 Regal Destiny 200

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  • 1997 Regal Destiny 200

    I am thinking about purchasing a 1997 Regal Destiny 200 with just over 100 hours on it. It is in excellent condition with every available option, including a freshwater coolant system. It has the 5.7 mercruiser. Does anyone have any experience with this boat? Does anyone have any thoughts about purchasing a boat that is this old but that has this few hours on it (even though it has been given very good care)? Thanks for any comments.

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    Re: 1997 Regal Destiny 200

    Probably a really nice family boat. Just make sure you go over the deck really good to insure there are no soft spots. Take it for a lake test and make sure the thing stays dry in the bilge and runs good. Might even want to take it to a marine mechanic and have him look over it. Especially if you are paying good money.
    Have a look at the bellows and check their condition, or have the mechanic look at them.

    I have a 95 5.7L 21' Monterey and its great for our family. Does everything we need.

    Good luck.
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      Re: 1997 Regal Destiny 200

      Regals are good boats, and at that age I wouldn't expect rot to be an issue. But, as always get it's rubber bits looked at and a good shakedown by a competent mechanic. Old fuel and oil as well as rubber oxidation are your worst enemies here. I'd suggest new belts and hoses at a minimum, as well as an impeller replacement for the water pump. Bet it works out just fine.
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        Re: 1997 Regal Destiny 200

        Best boat I ever owned was a Regal. Very well built. I would check all the fluids before and after a test run. If it has only been dry sailed (put in the water only when used) the hull should be good as long as the storage kept it dry. Be sure to try every feature. Once you are done with that, let me know where to pick it up. Just kidding. Good luck.


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          Re: 1997 Regal Destiny 200

          Thank you for your suggestions....I will heed them all.


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            Re: 1997 Regal Destiny 200

            Okay, I bought it! We took it out for the first time today. It scared me when I hooked up the bra and waterhose to crank it before leaving the house, as it would not crank. However, my 16 year old son noticed that there was an ark across the top of the coil. After I cleaned it and wrapped it with electrical tape, it ran like a charm the rest of the day. This boat seems very heavy to me. I like the layout and I will likely get used to the way it handles. My first boat was a 1988 Bayliner Capri (17'). This one has the 5.7 Mercruiser and I can't imagine anything smaller. At 3500rpm the speedometer says about 30mph. I averaged 6.5gph of gasoline. My last boat had a little 2.3 OMC (4cyl.) and seemed much faster than this one. But, this one is comfortable and handles the water better. Thanks again for everyone's input.